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Utility Patents

Our patent attorneys have worked on hundreds of patent applications over the years, many of which were for companies in the Fortune 500.


Our trademark attorneys regularly provide successful trademark services by performing a knockout or comprehensive search beforehand and then tailoring the application to enhance our chances of success.

Design Patents

We ensure that design patents filed (or design patent family) adequately protect a company’s product/item and can withstand challenges under 35 USC 112.


Our IP attorneys understand how copyrights can be utilized to protect intellectual property beyond the obvious literature and utilized to complement other IP.

Joseph - CEO, Kelz & Co.
New Jersey, United States
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Working with Tom has truly been an absolute pleasure! I was dealing with a patent for a design with many different styles and Toms recommendations and tips each step of the way was really helpful. Being unfamiliar myself with the process Tom was able to clearly explain every detail until I fully understood. I am working on future designs and I have no doubt that I will be using Tom again. I could not have been happier and I highly recommend Tom and his team!
Arlo Hill of SecondBody, Inc.
Manhattan, NY
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Quick response, consummate professionalism. Got our provisional patent in quickly and with attention to detail. Non-Provisional application has since been filed. Company website:
Anthony - President
Montreal, Quebec
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Tom and his team are incredibly knowledgeable in all things IP and very quick in their response times, highly recommend.
Colleen Reding Mearn
New York
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I had a great experience working with Tom on drafting utility and design patent applications. The firm was incredibly responsive and did a tremendous job of keeping me updated on the process. Would highly recommend.
Top Performance Gear, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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Tatonetti IP has been a critical part of our business. We had interviewed multiple firms but it was clear Tatonetti IP was the way to go. We have worked on numerous projects now and Tatonetti IP's strategies have been very effective. We would strongly suggest this firm to anyone looking to file with the USPTO.

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