Foreign Filing Applications​

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international agreement that streamlines the patent application process in multiple countries. Under the treaty, U.S. inventors can file a single patent application, which can later be validated in PCT member countries. 

The European Patent Office (EPO) sets stringent standards for any U.S. inventors targeting the international market. Foreign filing requirements include thorough technical documentation and comprehensive prior art searches. 

International Patent Applications

This involves preparing and filing a single international application, which will provide provisional protection across over 150 countries participating in the PCT. 

We will guide you through every step of the international application process:

  • The Initial Filing. Submit a single European patent application to the EPO within one year of your U.S. filing date. We can also file a PCT application to delay the deadlines, providing more time to apply in multiple countries. 
  • Foreign Filing License. If your invention was made in the U.S., we’ll file USPTO form SB/17 to request a foreign filing license, This license allows you to file your patent application in other countries legally.
  • EPO Examination. The EPO conducts a formal examination to verify that all required documents and fees are in order and it’s in compliance with European patentability requirements. This includes an extensive patent search conducted by the International Search Authority (ISA).
  • Grant and Validation. Once the patent is granted, we can start the validation process in each desired country. You must comply with local laws and pay annual fees to maintain protection.

Patent validation is a separate process where we will select target countries and fulfill the application requirements in each. Typically this involves a translation of the claims and processing fees.

Foreign Patent Consultation

Our experience with foreign filings ensures that your application meets all formal requirements, reducing the risk of errors that could delay or jeopardize the patenting process abroad.  We monitor application status in each country and represent you in any communications with the EPO, leveraging our experience to address any objections they may make to your claims. 

We also handle all administrative aspects, including managing maintenance fees so your protections never lapse.

Tatonetti IP works with you to develop cost-effective strategies that prioritize the countries where you want protection. Market studies and financial forecasts can help us determine where your product has the most potential and if pursuing an EU patent is right for you.

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