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While an Applicant-Owner can rely on Common Law rights to safeguard their brand, this protection will be limited to the geographical area (e.g., city, state, or collection of states) in which the company operates and uses that name. Filing an early federal trademark application with the USPTO is a significantly safer and, long term, cost-effective approach should a savvy competitor decide to steal your brand.

Trademark Search

With years of experience, we simulate the trademark Examining Attorney’s thought process in brainstorming several variations for each mark, running several searches at no additional cost as Examiners will first consider existing marks that are identical. From there, searches are performed for trademarks that are similar in appearance, sound and commercial connotation, including our expert legal analysis and client consultation with every search. This often includes strategic business advice and recommendations prior to filing the trademark application.

Trademark Filing

Our firm has experience representing small, large, and startup companies file trademark applications over their band names and logos. Typically, whether a client wants a search or not (searching is almost always recommended), our attorneys perform a preliminary search to make sure a given trademark is not immediately identified as being confusingly similar with a registered one. This saves all companies time and money from the start.

Trademark Litigation and Amazon take-down Letters

Once the mark has been approved for registration, we handle maintenance filings and renewals upon request. Ultimately, policing of trademark infringement and enforcement of rights is the trademark owner’s responsibility. Upon detection of a target, we’ll write powerful cease and desist letters on the owner’s behalf, following up with legal action if necessary or negotiating favorable settlement, including potentially – lucrative licensing deals. We’ll also file and defend inter partes TTAB disputes, namely, Opposition and Cancellation proceedings. Finally, we’ll file and defend against Amazon seller claims as an area of TM practice that has been steadily increasing in importance.

Joseph - CEO
New Jersey, United States
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Working with Tom has truly been an absolute pleasure! I was dealing with a patent for a design with many different styles and Toms recommendations and tips each step of the way was really helpful. Being unfamiliar myself with the process Tom was able to clearly explain every detail until I fully understood. I am working on future designs and I have no doubt that I will be using Tom again. I could not have been happier and I highly recommend Tom and his team!
Roel Van Gorkum - CEO
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Tom’s firm helped my business file a response to a USPTO office action we received after registering a trademark in the US. The on-boarding was efficient and Tom processed our request within a week. Very friendly and professional service!
Troy Brown - Inventor
New York, United States
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Very informative ,great staff and reasonable rates would definitely refer Tatonetti IP.
Max - CEO
New York, United States
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l highly recommend Tatonetti IP, working with them has been a pleasure. Professional and honest service.

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