Meet Our Team

Tom Tatonetti

Principal IP Attorney
(USPTO Registered)

Tom assists clients in patent procurement, portfolio development, and assessing a client’s business needs at every stage of the patent process. Tom has spent a majority of his career representing and writing, prosecuting, and obtaining hundreds of issued patents for Fortune 100 companies.

Tom leverages the increased availability of data and metrics on patent examiners for each individual case to help determine the best possible strategy to expeditiously advance prosecution. For example, metrics often indicate that Examiner interviews can advance prosecution even with the toughest of Examiners. For some Examiners, metrics can indicate that filing responses based on reasonable claim scope and legitimate arguments may not overcome a rejection – at least without incorporating unnecessarily narrow claim limitations or appealing. In such situations, an early determination to appeal, abandon, request supervisory oversight, etc., can save the client thousands in legal and USPTO fees – for that one case alone.

In addition to patent procurement services, Tom performs freedom-to-operate and due diligence searches as well as provides non-infringement and invalidity opinions.

Matt Miller

Of Counsel
IP Attorney
(USPTO Registered))

Matt is founding partner of MG Miller where he manages the firm’s intellectual property practice. He helps his clients advance their business goals by working with them to create, develop, and subsequently leverage their intellectual property portfolios.

Using his expertise in both domestic and international patent prosecution, Matt has obtained patents in a wide variety of technical fields. Matt has experience helping his clients navigate the (no longer) murky waters of U.S. software patents, particularly in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also has experience working with 3D printing companies, artists, musicians, and creators from many other walks of life.

Matt is one of the few true subject matter experts when it comes to the intersection of intellectual property, cannabis, and hemp. Matt has spoken at industry conventions such as NECANN and CannaCon several times, and was part of an industry panel at the first hemp entrepreneurship event at Rutgers University. Since entering the industry two/three years ago, Matt has regularly obtained federal trademarks on behalf of his clients (when appropriate) in the cannabis/hemp sphere.

William Goldman

Of Counsel (Trademarks,
Copyrights, Litigation)

William serves as an of-counsel trademark attorney at the firm. Williams provides client counseling on trademarks, copyrights, and litigation. He regularly performs trademark searches and provides opinions on likelihood of confusion.

William’s goal in filing a client’s trademark is to file the application right the first time to expedite the time and allowance and avoid receiving unnecessary Office Actions which contain minor informalities. Filing the trademark application correctly from the start streamlines the trademark process and can save the client time and money.

Janie Chopin

Office Assistant

Janie assists in paralegal work, patent and trademark docketing, and office management of the firm. Janie has spent most of her career at larger firms, during which time she managed United States and foreign deadlines for trademark portfolios.