Patent litigation

Understanding Patent Litigation

Patent litigation refers to lawsuits that arise from revocation proceedings and patent infringement cases.

A person or entity is said to have infringed on someone’s intellectual property rights when they offer, use, or sell one or more patented inventions without asking for the permission of the person who holds the approved patent for that invention.

A patent revocation proceeding pertains to legal proceedings from firms (or individuals) who do not wish to be sued for patent infringement. Essentially, a patent revocation proceeding questions “wrongly-granted patents” in court.

While Tatonetti IP strives to create solutions that minimize the necessity of taking people or firms to court, we have always offered immense bench strength in case of patent litigation.

We are always poised to protect the IP rights of our clients, and our knowledge of different sectors and industries makes Tatonetti IP your perfect legal partner when patent litigation becomes necessary.

Expect our legal expertise to shine while presenting complex concepts and other matters associated with the patent to judges. In addition, we use the latest digital technologies and persuasion techniques to bring success and justice to our clients.

Tatonetti IP excels in arguing before the USPTO, the Federal Circuit, conducting discovery globally, and defending during preliminary injunctions. No matter how complex the patent litigation can get, we are ready to protect your rights against all kinds of non-practicing entities.

Additionally, you can expect your dedicated patent attorney to defend your patent across international juridical regions when it is necessary.

And speaking of defending intellectual property rights on a global scale, one of our partners, Todd S. Sharinn, has extensive experience in the global enforcement, commercialization, management, and registration of intellectual property rights. Mr. Sharinn has helped global brands not only in the creation of international branding strategies but has also helped create systems that help these global brands enforce their existing trade dress, trademarks, patents, and many other things.

Clients are always in good hands with our expert patent litigation attorneys whose experience cuts across not just industries but also the public and private sectors on a global scale.


What is Trademark Litigation?

A trademark refers to an entity’s commercial identity and branding; it helps distinguish different goods and services across industries. Therefore, firms must protect their technological advances, product ideas, and brands from false advertising, counterfeiting, and trademark infringement.

We at Tatonetti IP believe that trademark protection should be deep and comprehensive, and it should begin well before discoveries of infringement are made. Accordingly, Tatonetti IP’s trademark litigation team is always accessible and proactive, bringing our bench strength and long experience in trademark litigation to every situation to ensure that your trademarks are comprehensively protected globally.

Our US firm’s international reach is natural, practical, and valuable for all our clients.

Effective trademark litigation always involves numerous complex steps that require the help of legal experts in the field.

We specialize in various legal methods, including aggressive litigation, alternative dispute resolution, risk avoidance techniques, and pre-litigation methods.

Our work also involves defense against claims of trademark infringement, local and global enforcement of trademarks, trademark licensing, and legal negotiations.

Tatonetti IP  works closely with our clients in drafting effective strategies and systems for protecting patents, litigating against people who infringe trademarks, and other essential actions that ultimately support short-term and long-term business goals.

Expect a more productive time with us as we help drive situations toward various resolutions that will benefit your business, including injunctions, negotiated settlements, and early resolutions.

Are you a victim of patent infringement and counterfeiting?

We know the pain and struggle of being the victim of non-practicing entities who subtly or blatantly violate trademarks and patents. Counterfeit products usually deceive consumers and make the market a less safe place for consumers.

Our expert team also works with clients to prevent counterfeit goods’ distribution, sales, and importation.

Gray market goods are within our expertise as well. Our office can help protect your trademark and rights through criminal and civil proceedings. In addition, we help protect source identifiers, including packaging, symbols, trade dress, product design, product color, logos, service marks, and more.



What is Copyright Litigation?

Tatonetti IP aggressively protects our clients from instances of copyright infringement, and our bench strength also covers defense against potential and current copyright litigation. As a result, we can help protect you from various copyright claims across states at all levels in the United States. In addition, as a full-service intellectual property law firm, we are always poised to assist clients with legal issues related to copyright infringement and litigation.

We can help litigate for you across all cities and states in the US, and it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a Fortune 500 company. We can deftly handle many copyright issues, statutory schemes, and issues. Copyright litigation can occur in almost any material, including promotional materials, advertising, digital and printed catalogs, audio recordings, musical compositions, educational materials, jewelry design, photos, sculptures, paintings, and more.

We can help you in all aspects of copyright litigation, including indirect infringement issues, first sale, first use, RIAA, DMCA, ASCAP, and many more. No need to stress over these issues; contact us today, and we will help sort it out.

Adequate copyright protection and litigation mean you can enforce your rights against infringing entities, which usually leads to a better outlook for both parties through licensing. On the other hand, we can also defend you against claims that you have infringed another person or entity’s IP rights. Finally, our team can protect you against unfair competition claims threatening your business if you do not act quickly enough. These claims include trade secret theft, non-solicitation agreements, and non-competition.

If you need to understand how IP works, our law firm offers general intellectual property counseling and help with copyright registration, patent registration, risk management, etc. In addition, our attorneys are adept with the USPTO’s complex rules and the United States’s copyright law.




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